iPhone: how to get water out of Apple’s smartphone?

Our colleagues from Groovy Post have just given some tips for getting water out of the Apple iPhone.

This has unfortunately happened to everyone in a lifetime. Dropping your iPhone in water is a recurring situation. However, be aware that you can save the Apple phone with a very special method.

Fix your phone

But in addition to the risks of dropping it in water, there are also the risks of obsolescence. This is a recurring phenomenon since the arrival of electronic devices. However, at Apple, this does not exist.

We might think so but we assure you that is not the case. Quite simply for the fact that it is possible to repair a phone from the Cupertino company. Even if it turns out to be old, you can still save it.

This, we owe it to the presence of the many authorized repairers of Apple, all over the world. It is therefore for this reason that we cannot speak of obsolescence. Despite everything, with the upcoming arrival of IOS 16, many phones could give up the ghost.

Indeed, this update does not allow all versions of the phone to take advantage of IOS 16. Know for example that if you have a iPhone 6, or 6S, or first-generation SE, IOS should not hold. You will therefore have to change your phone.

But if you have a newer device, you should have no problem. Besides, speaking of repair, you may not have known it, but a platform has just opened. A platform that allows you to repair your mobile all alone.

Since the said platform allows you to purchase certain parts at retail. Like a battery, or even a screen. In fact, apprentice repairers will be able to buy the part that is missing from their iPhone, and replace it by themselves.

iPhone: how to get water out of Apple’s smartphone?

Save your iPhone that fell in water

But if you have clicked on this article, it remains mostly to learn more about how to get water out of the phone when it falls in it. There is the rice method, as everyone already knows, but not only.

Indeed, our colleagues from Groovy Post have just unveiled a new one. Media reporting that the charging port is where water is most likely to enter an iPhone. Because it is the biggest opening.

So to empty the water inside, you just need to hold your iPhone with the charging port down. By giving him a few light, fairly firm blows. So that the water is expelled. Then you have to let it dry.

All in a ventilated and dry place. Once you’ve waited an hour, try plugging in a charging cable. In case you see a warning message, repeat the process. Until there are no more messages.

Note that this can sometimes take 24 hours. However, this is the best solution for getting water out of an iPhone. It remains to be seen whether with the iPhone 14, who will use Apple’s satellite networkare you still going to need to do this?

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