iPhone: how to pair a Bluetooth keyboard with the Apple phone?

Need a keyboard on your iPhone? Just take a bluetooth keyboard, and know how to pair it… Here is the user manual!

Our phones look like growing to a small computer… To the point of wanting to replace one with the other. Here is a useful tip: pair a bluetooth keyboard with your iPhone. MCETV gives you the instructions!

First, a bluetooth keyboard

The first step in this manual will be the most important: find a keyboard. Logic, you say. But there are quite a few kinds. Some more efficient or stronger than others. Must therefore select carefully before buying an unsuitable keyboard. Or malfunctioning.

Of course, as an iPhone user, you can opt for an Apple keyboard intended for iPads. But you have to know thatit costs between 100 and 400 euros. Not sure it’s necessary… Especially for a keyboard for your phone.

Indeed, you have to keep in mind that this keyboard will serve you occasionally. It therefore does not seem obligatory to go and put several hundred euros in it. Especially since bluetooth works with almost all keyboards.

Anker is thus releasing keyboards from 18 euros that will perfectly suit your iPhone. Practical, some keyboards from Logitech allow multiple devices to be connected. A button allows you to switch from one to the other.

Once you have chosen your keyboard, the hard part begins. Well almost. Because the bluetooth connection is not very complicated: you just have to go to settings and follow the guide. In five minutes, the case should be settled.

iPhone: how to pair a Bluetooth keyboard with the Apple phone?

Connecting to the iPhone: easy

First step, activate your bluetooth. To do this, go to the settings and check that the bar is displayed in green. This means that your smartphone can search for new items with which to pair up.

At the bottom of your iPhone, a small wheel should spin. Her name : “connection to other devices”. So far, so good. Next to your smartphone, turn on your keyboard. Look in the notice under which name you should find it.

In general, the keyboard has the name of its brand attached to its model. If nothing appears in your Bluetooth searches, then you have to search. First, make sure your keyboard is on. Then, check especially that it does not have a pairing button.

In fact, if you find a small Bluetooth symbol on a key, this means that your keyboard is not available automatically. So tap on it, and see if it finally pops up. When it appears, click on it to begin the maneuver.

To accept the connection, your iPhone will indeed ask you for verifications. A sequence of letters and numbers should be displayed on your screen. Just tap it to link the phone and keyboard.

This sequence of letters prevents any accessory from being able to connect to your phone. To verify that the manipulation worked, open a message, an email or a note. Type whatever you want. And see if everything went as planned!

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