iPhone repair at home: Apple’s solution is a big joke

As you know, Apple has been offering for a few days (in the USA only) to repair your iPhone at home via a system of high-level tools and instructions.

Cupertino thus intends to respond to the growing demand from users (but above all from the authorities) for provide a way to obtain official spare parts and the tools to install them without having to go through costly in-store procedures. However, as we had already observed, the operation seems far from being accessible to the greatest number, especially since Apple lends you two suitcases of around 35Kg (!) for the slightest repair.

Several YouTubers have therefore had fun testing the solution, trying a rather simple repairnamely to change a (deliberately) broken screen:

The operation quickly turned into a nightmare. (or joking, depending), the procedure is so complex, the machines difficult to use, and the tools not really within reach of the first comer. However, the two friends in the video seem quite geeky, not too stupid and without bad faith for once. At the end of the video, they flatly advise against using this program, believing that even in their place, they would have preferred to bring the device directly to Apple.

Ultimately, it’s a safe bet that this is precisely the goal sought by Tim Cook! Why waste a day, tear your hair out in front of equipment intended for professionals and risk causing damage to your device, rather than simply bringing it to the Apple Store with the guarantee of a job well done? Dismantling an iPhone and replacing the defective parts will remain (for the moment) a complex operation, not easily accessible to everyone and which will always require fairly heavy tools. Forcing Apple to offer an alternative therefore does not make much sense.as long as the product has not been provided, basic, to be repaired more simply.

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