Irish Business Leaders Embrace Technology, But Are Unconvinced by the Metaverse

Irish business leaders agreed that their future success will depend on technology, with 69% saying their business depends on AI to operate effectively, according to Accenture’s latest Technology Vision report.

The majority (89%) of Irish companies surveyed by Accenture believe that emerging technologies are now enabling their organization to emerge with a broader and more ambitious vision for the future.

Accentures Technology Vision 2022 report also found that 79% of Irish businesses felt they had adapted to the “new normal” of operating since the pandemic.

In total, Accenture surveyed 24,000 consumers and 4,650 C-level executives and managers in 35 countries and 23 industries. In Ireland, the IT and professional services firm surveyed senior executives from 102 Irish companies and 500 consumers.

According to the report, Irish business leaders have seen a definite increase in technology within their organization over the past three years, with three-quarters of Irish leaders saying the number of IoT/edge devices deployed in their organization during this period has increased significantly.

89% of Irish leaders agreed that the long-term success of their organization will depend on the next generation of IT. The vast majority (92%) of Irish leaders agreed that next-generation computing would become essential for their organization to achieve its sustainability goals.

The report also showed a strong drive among business leaders to integrate AI into their organizations, with 69% saying they feel increasingly reliant on AI to operate effectively. However, almost all Irish leaders (99%) expressed concern about data security and authenticity issues such as disinformation attacks and deep fakes.

These concerns are shared by Irish consumers. There was some reluctance to fully trust AI, with only 19% of Irish consumers confident that AI was being used to improve their lives and experiences (compared to 42% globally). Only 15% trust the way it is implemented by organizations (compared to 35% globally), indicating that Irish consumers have significantly less trust in AI than the global average.

The Irish also seem to be less enthusiastic about the metaverse than their global counterparts.

Two-thirds of Irish leaders believe their organization will benefit from the metaverse, with 26% expecting it to have a ‘breakthrough’ or ‘transformational’ impact. While this stat might seem high, it was significantly lower than the global average of 42%.

70% of Irish consumers surveyed said they had never heard of Metaverse or had heard of the term but did not know what it meant.

“The past two years have shown the critical role technology plays in keeping us connected and finding more streamlined and efficient ways of working. It’s also great to see an openness to new technology and digital solutions from Irish business leaders,” said Dave Kirwan, Chief Technology Officer at Accenture in Ireland.

“What will be critical to the company’s success going forward will be getting consumers on the path to digitalization and facilitating the upskilling and exploration that employees need to embrace these new tools.”

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