Is Apple’s Thunderbolt 4 “Pro” cable worth its $149?

In addition to the Mac Studio and the Studio Display, Apple has been selling a new Thunderbolt 4 cable at a particularly steep price since last month.

The ChargerLAB chain split from a regular disassembly of the Cupertino cable in order to check if its entrails can explain the high price of the beast. According to the technicians’ observations, the quality of the cabling (cable comprising 19 wires including 5 copper wires for the 100W power supply, braid covering a thermoplastic elastomer material -TPE-, shielding layer, Intel chip and gold-plated connectors) justifies in effect (in part) its high price, adding that the cable is one of the best on the market, ensuring a certain durability, satisfactory speeds and reducing possible interference. Of course, Apple takes the opportunity to apply an attractive margin, but the cable should not disappoint users who have sacrificed their bank card to afford it (some models on the market are sometimes not up to the characteristics mentioned on the sheet technical).

The Thunderbolt 4

As a reminder, the new Thunderbolt 4 Pro cable, sports a black color (very Pro^^), a braided finish, 100W Power Delivery, DisplayPort High Bit Rate 3 (HBR3) and a length of 180 centimeters for 149 euros. A version measuring 3 meters is also offered at 179 euros on the site, but is not yet available.

• The Apple Thunderbolt 4 Pro 180 cm cable at €149

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