it’s the brand that is a hit in China at the moment

With international markets on hold, Honor is seeing meteoric growth in China, rising from a 5% market share in 2021 to first place in the first quarter of 2022.

The trend had been noticed for a long time, and it was that all the media in China had agreed for months on the fact that it was indeed Honor who was slowly eating the cake of a Huawei drowned by the veto of the United States. United, and that it had been stripped of its spin-off company precisely to let it fly and that it could compete in the market by accessing all the core technologies that Huawei cannot use now.

However, the results are slow to arrive since it will be necessary to wait until this first quarter of 2022 for the market to confirm the good figures of Honor, which, as GSMArena colleagues have told us by following the lead of the Canalys study in the month from last March the year 2021 only had a share of 5%, and after this first quarter we can already say that they have managed to rise to the number 1 position in the mobile market in China.

Well no, Xiaomi is not number 1 in your country.

The truth is that the sale of Honor to the conglomerate Zhixin New Information Technology Co.Ltd., with more than 30 agents led by Digital China Group Co. Ltd. and the Shenzhen city government, gave new wings to a manufacturer that it promised much as a spin-off from Huawei, but in its first devices it still retained many reminiscences of the designs made with the giant in disgrace.

Now, with complete freedom, it looks like Honor is reborn to lead again and its numbers are quite remarkable because as you’ll see the Shenzhen-based manufacturer grew 205% year-over-year in its home market. , going from being out of the ‘top 5’ straight to the top spot in a truly competitive market:

Mobile market in China (Q1 2022)

This is how the mobile market in China is divided in this first quarter of 2022, according to Canalys.

Honor signs a meteoric rise in China, going from 6th to 1st place in just one year, while always recognizing that they did not start from scratch, since they already had the brand, it was recognized, and their devices continue to look dangerously similar to what was inherited from Huawei.

Mobile sales drop sharply and the beneficiaries are still the same

Thus, in the first quarter of 2022, we can already say that Honor is the manufacturer with the highest number of mobile sales in China, signing the delivery of 15 million units to reserve 20% of the Chinese market cake.

It is closely followed by OPPO and Apple, both with an 18% share although with very different figures, since OPPO has just fallen by 34% while Apple is progressing strongly to 17% no less, being with Honor the only manufacturer between the top 5 that record green results and no resounding drops.

In fact, Vivo remains in fourth place, down 44%, while Xiaomi will be fifth with a 22% loss, indicating a 16% share in the former and a surprising 14% in the latter.

It is also confirmed that the whole market is experiencing a drop in sales also in the giant Chinese market, since the other manufacturers outside the “top 5” are falling by a remarkable 48%, which is not only explained by users who went to Honor and Apple.

Not in vain, the overall drop in the Chinese market is 18%, since in the same period of 2021, 92.5 million smartphones were sold for the 75.6 million mobile units sold in Q1 2022, according to estimates. of Canalys.

Obviously, we have to recognize that Honor still maintains lines inherited from Huawei because its beginnings did not start from scratch, bringing a lot of intellectual property as well as designs and platforms already started, although little by little its strategies and devices are taking off. It now remains to discuss a new take-off on international markets!

It’s official: Honor keeps Huawei’s “hole”

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