Japan asks Apple (and Google) to allow third-party app stores and payments

The week starts rather badly for Apple. Indeed, the Japanese government has just issued a report that is not very favorable to the firm, announcing a new competition rules in the smartphone operating system market.

The Land of the Rising Sun is said concerned about Apple and Google’s control over this segment and, in particular, with regard to pre-installed apps and browsers. Similarly, he seems to consider that the T&Cs of the two firms can harm to developers and publishers.

Finally, without too much surprise, he also challenges the commission 15 to 30% paid to Apple for applications and in-app purchases, and the obligation to go through the App Store to publish programs. Accordingly, the report concludes on the requirement to allow users to use third-party app stores and companies to disclose detailed information about their systems.

According to Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno, these changes – which are currently proposed – help create and maintain fair and equitable competition. Apple’s response was not long in coming, the firm explaining very politely respectfully disagree with a number of conclusions with the report. She also says she is the subject of a intense competition at all levels but that she would continue to engage constructively with the Japanese government.

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