Jean-Michel Bilig joins the technology department of Stellantis

Edition of 25/04/2022

Paris Motor Show 2022: The absentees could well be wrong

The Paris Auto Show in October 2022 is timely in this period of energy transition to give automotive brands the opportunity to reconnect with a public confused by the switch to electricity. Refocused on highlighting the automobile, this edition will show the ongoing renewal of players in the sector with the presence of many new brands, particularly Chinese, attracted by a new effective value proposition. Being there may well be essential. Meeting with Serge Gachot, director of the Mondial de l’Auto.


Renault more affected by chip shortages than Russia in the first quarter of 2022

(AFP) – The Renault group on Friday published a turnover down 2.7% over one year in the first quarter to 9.7 billion euros, hampered in particular by the shortage of semiconductors and to a lesser measured by the paralysis of its activities in Russia.


Condominium charging stations: the key to accelerating electric vehicle sales

The electric car market will only be able to continue to grow if we accelerate the provision of charging stations in condominiums. There are already financial aids, a right to take and operators ready to finance the work in exchange for an electricity supply contract. A draft decree could also make the cost zero for condominiums by passing the installation costs of Enedis on the electricity bill of the French…


The split of Renault: a “false good idea”?

Like Ford or Volvo, Renault says it has studied a project to split its assets, distinguishing between thermal on one side and electric on the other. If the still very unfinished project were to take shape then it could solve some difficult immediate financial questions, it would nevertheless present significant dangers. The first would concern the durability of the Alliance and the second the ability of a “new Renault” thus shaped to bring into play the essential synergies between new and old knowledge and know-how.


France: Green hydrogen producer Lhyfe is considering an IPO in Paris

(Reuters) – French green hydrogen producer Lhyfe said on Friday the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) has approved its universal registration document, clearing the way for an IPO on Euronext’s market at Paris.


TotalEnergies: Withdrawal of a “climate” resolution after new commitments

PARIS (Reuters) – A group of French shareholders of TotalEnergies announced on Friday the withdrawal of a “climate” resolution which it planned to present to a general meeting, after new commitments made by the company in terms of transparency on the reduction of its greenhouse gas emissions.


Renault: Possible listing of the electric activity at the end of 2023

(Reuters) – Renault announced on Friday that “all options are on the table” for its plan to separate its electric and thermal activities, including a possible IPO of its battery-powered vehicles in the second half of 2023.


Trucks: Volvo resists shortage of semiconductors and conflict in Ukraine

(AFP) – Swedish truck maker Volvo Group reported solid quarterly results on Friday despite a shortage of semiconductors and the war in Ukraine, which are likely to continue to weigh on its business.


Experimenting with a zero-interest loan for less polluting cars

(AFP) – Households living or working in certain low-emission zones where air pollution exceeds the authorized thresholds will be able to benefit from a zero-interest loan from January 1, 2023 for the purchase of a low-emission vehicle. polluting, according to a decree published Sunday in the Official Journal.


Category Appointments

Joël Sansigne elected national representative of the Mobilians technical control centers

During the general meeting of the Mobilians technical control profession which took place on April 20, Joël Sanseigne was elected national vice-president.


Eduardo Cortezón, Sales Director of BMW Group Spain

Effective May 1, 2022, Eduardo Cortezón has been appointed Sales Director of BMW Group Spain, succeeding Alberto Copado.


Sylvain Cantrel reappointed to the Presidency of the repair, towing and impound business at Mobilians

At the general meeting of the Mobilians breakdown, towing and impound business office held on April 14, 2022, Sylvain Cantrel was re-elected as Chairman for a four-year term.


Michelle Jou appointed President of Castrol

Michelle Jou has joined BP Group as Chief Executive Officer of Castrol, succeeding Mandhir Singh.


Graham Howell, Chief Financial Officer and Jean-Louis Baffier, Chief Revenue Officer of Imaweb

The Imaweb management committee welcomes two new directors: Graham Howell as financial director and Jean-Louis Baffier appointed to the newly created position of chief revenue officer.


Jean-Marc Donatien new President of the Mobilians bodywork business

Jean-Marc Donatien was elected for a four-year term as head of the bodywork business within Mobilians, during the general meeting of April 12, 2022.


Eric Girard reappointed as head of Mobilians’ SMAVA office

Eric Girard, Managing Director of Carglass, was re-elected President of the Multi-Brand Automotive After-Sales Service Business (SMAVA) at Mobilians.


Michel Loreille re-elected President of the historic vehicles business at Mobilians

Created in 2017, the historic vehicle business branch of Mobilians, whose presidency has been entrusted to Michel Loreille, who has just been reappointed for a four-year term.


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