Jean-Pascal and Carine (Star Ac’) reveal their colossal salaries! Mind-blowing!

TPMP People continues to be talked about on the Web. And for good reason, this program is based on the same principle as Do not touch My TV. But rather than tackling all sorts of topical issues, it’s people news that is in the spotlight. However, what could be more apt to make viewers talk than this kind of news? This April 23, Matthieu Delormeau and his columnists received several former members of the star Academy. Houcine, Carine, Jean-Pascal Lacoste, Maud Verdeyen or Professor Oscar Sisto were therefore present on set. TPMP People therefore had the opportunity to appeal to a large audience given the success of the Star Ac’ ! Objeko tells you everything you need to remember from their interventions. Especially about their fabulous salaries! Topics that were already in the headlines three years ago…

TPMP People restarts, some topics come back in force

Matthieu Delormeau had left the ship Do not touch My TV for a while. In leaving it he had also left that of TPMP People. However, since he returned to Cyril Hanouna’s team, the public hoped that he would resume the weekly animation of this people program which gave them the opportunity to gossip. A wish of viewers that Cyril Hanouna has therefore granted. Indeed, it is impossible for Baba to refuse a legitimate request to his audience. The fanzouzes are part of the great family of TPMP, they are even an essential member of it. And it is therefore on this observation that TPMP People resumed service on C8.

Initially, the audiences were not there for Matthieu Delormeau. But by dint of work, publicity and commitment, a regular audience is formed. A public that continues to grow. Nevertheless, people topics are perhaps less numerous than other news topics. So, readers ofObjeko will not be surprised to sometimes see them repeated. Like, for example, subjects dealing directly or indirectly with the star Academy. As we told you above, this is a recurring theme. Except that what these former stars of the TF1 star show reported on April 23, 2022 on the set of TPMP People was unique!

Indeed, it is not impossible to deal with the same subjects and to be able to reveal new information. Matthieu Delormeau managed to obtain answers to a delicate question, that of the remuneration of the stars.

A family reunion that turns to revelations

While former members of the star Academy were delighted to meet again, it was without counting on the attempts of Matthieu Delormeau to take advantage of this family atmosphere. Because, this kind of meeting is indeed conducive to revelations. And he did not fail to set the tone by offering each of his guests the opportunity to share an astonishing anecdote.

Houcine, Jean-Pascal, Carine… All the guests had crisp anecdotes to share with the public, on the set of TPMP People. But on the other hand, they were not all ready to talk about money. However, readers ofObjeko As you can imagine, Jean-Pascal Lacoste never refuses to tackle sensitive subjects. Frank and sincere, he has no secrets for the public. If he is not for all that talkative to the point of announcing improbable scoops himself, he is nevertheless ready to answer all the questions put to him. And Matthieu Delormeau did not hesitate to talk about salary.

As our colleagues specify in the columns of the magazine Here is, Houcine preferred to be silent. And Carine was taken aback by the direct question from the host of TPMP People. But Jean-Pascal Lacoste declared bluntly: “I must have taken around 300,000 bullets. I’ve always said it, you have to speak freely. » But if Carine was shy, she dared to correct her comrade to tell him that it was closer to 500,000… In the end, Maud also agreed to talk about salary. First explaining that the candidates of the first seasons earned more money than those of the following seasons, like her. This candidate of the fifth season then admitted to receiving a salary of around 1,500 euros per week. And needless to say, on the set of TPMP People and beyond that, we had good reason to find these salaries exorbitant!

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