Judge Penney Azcarate denies Amber Heard’s request to dismiss Johnny Depp’s lawsuit

Before testifying at the bar today, Amber Heard asked the court to dismiss the case against her ex-husband, Johnny Depp. The actor has filed a lawsuit against the star of Aquaman and claims 50 million dollars in defamation for an article published in the washington post in which she presents herself as a survivor of domestic violence.

The motion was filed by Amber Heard after the hearings of witnesses presented by Johnny Depp, who also gave his version of the facts for several days. However, the actress’s request should not be evaluated as any sign. As Deadline points out, this is a classic mid-trial procedure in the United States.

Two more weeks

The actor’s supporters, however, see Judge Penney Azcarate’s decision as a positive sign, as she felt that the plaintiff had provided enough evidence over the past two weeks to pursue his action.

She explained that “the jurors had enough evidence to assess whether the statements” of Amber Heard in the article she wrote for the washington post in 2018 “were about the plaintiff, whether the statements were published and were false, and whether the defendant made those statements knowing them to be false,” among other things. Yesterday, forensic psychologist Dawn Hughes detailed at the bar the accusations of sexual violence that the actress had reported to her during their sessions, in particular that Johnny Depp would have penetrated her with a bottle of alcohol. She felt that Amber Heard suffered from post-traumatic stress as a result of the violence suffered. This specialist in abuse and violent situations counterbalances the testimony of Dr Shannon Curry, presented by the prosecution last week, who said that Amber Heard suffered from personality disorders and had feigned her post-traumatic stress syndrome by exaggerating them. The actor’s lawyers must still cross-examine Dr. Dawn Hughes, before Amber Heard takes the floor under oath.

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