JV launches JVTech, its portal dedicated to technology in all its forms!

News hardware JV launches JVTech, its portal dedicated to technology in all its forms!

JV continues to diversify and launches a section 100% dedicated to the wonderful world of technology. Fans of Apple, Samsung, lovers of instant messaging and high-powered computers, you are at home here! The paint is still a bit fresh, but there’s plenty to keep you busy.

We will not insult you here by explaining the links between video games and technology: one does not go without the other. For many years, jeuxvideo.com – now JV – has produced news and high-tech tests, but it must be recognized that the structure of the site, as it was originally designed, did not allow all this content to be properly presented. However, the audience for the tech content we produce is growing strongly.

The creation of the JVTech section therefore goes in these directions and brings together everything related to technology, on a single page.

Because JV has been able to evolve with the times, the launch of this “tech” portal makes sense, all the more so when we are committed to dealing as sincerely and as correctly as possible with the subjects that affect us all on a daily basis. .

Concretely, what can we find on JVTech?

JVTech is divided into four major sections : “high-tech” news, “good deals” news, tests and buying guides. Well-identified sections and a structure that we hope you will like.

In terms of tests and buying guide, you will find our expertise on a very wide category of products. Our aim here is to provide variety: looking for a new 4K TV for your shiny new PS5? Want the best possible headset for your PC? A new Android smartphone that holds up without having to spend a fortune? There is a good chance that you will find your happiness here.

We already have a team of specialists in each category (audio, computing, mobility, etc.) who spend a lot of time testing numerous devices in depth and scouring the product sheets to highlight what is better, at all costs. And this is only the beginning, the tests and buying guides being expected to grow significantly.

On the news side, here again, the site is vast, as much as our current world governed by technology can be, whether we like it or not.. Elon Musk spending 42 billion dollars to buy Twitter is a historic event, one that cannot be overlooked.

We are committed to informing and entertaining you with a very wide variety of subjects: if you like strange gadgets, want to find out about the latest updates for your smartphone, the best promotions of the moment or the news “science” regularly make you dream, again, JVTech is a place where you will feel comfortable.

Join the JVTech adventure!

And if you want to be part of the team, know that we are looking to strengthen! We are indeed recruiting tech writers internally. If you want to test the craziest products, write about your love or your dislike of Apple and work in an environment filled with good humor, do not hesitate to to apply.

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