Kailia Posey, face of an internet cult GIF, dies at 16

Internet users know his face well, much less his name. Kailia Posey, whose expression rascal had become a “meme” (image diverted and very viral) known worldwide on the Internet, died at the age of 16, announced her mother on Facebook, as reported by the newspaper The Sun . “I don’t have the words. A beautiful girl is gone. Thank you for respecting our privacy in the loss of Kailia. My forever baby,” her mother wrote in a Facebook post on Tuesday.

The Americans discovered the girl during her stint on the show Toddlers and Tiaras, broadcast from 2009 to 2013, which follows the world of beauty pageants in the United States. She competed there as a beauty queen. In this show, Kailia Posey was propelled to the rank of web star after his facial expression that went viral and accompanied by his cult line “I like to win money! », (« I love making money » in French). His expression was then used all over the world, in GIFs, to express envy, malice on social networks and in discussions.

The causes of death have not been made public. Since the announcement of his death, tributes have multiplied on the Internet.

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