Karine Ferri: What Grégory Lemarchal thought of her after their first date!

Karine Ferri smiled again when she crossed paths with footballer Yoann Gourcuff. Married together since June 8, 2019, the lovers had previously welcomed two children: Maël, on April 6, 2016 and Claudia on July 16, 2018. There was a time, the presenter thought that she would share each of her joys with another man. But fate separated her from her former companion, Grégory Lemarchal, in the worst possible way.

As you know, Grégory Lemarchal died on April 30, 2007, defeated by cystic fibrosis. Crazy in love for the winner of the show star Academy, fourth season, Karine Ferri had their initials, GK, tattooed on her left wrist, to always have her with her. On Saturday April 30, 2022, she celebrates, therefore, with regret, the 15 years of her disappearance. A sad occasion during which she remembers the difficulty of the test, of course, but also the beautiful moments.

He’ll take me for a fool

On Sunday, May 1, 2022, the TMC channel will broadcast the biopic titled why i live by Laurent Tuel, released on Salto in 2020, in tribute to this little angel with a golden voice. It is the actress, Candice Dufau, who plays Karine Ferri in the film. The host had met Grégory Lemarchal through a mutual friend, a makeup artist named Laetitia. As she told Entertainment TVthe singer had invited her a week later to his apartment, located in Paris, to eat a “sautéed veal with potatoes“. A colorful evening during which they had not stopped sleeping.

“He’s going to take me for a fool”, she had said to herself as she left the place. And she wasn’t entirely wrong. ‘He confessed to me telling his dad he found me’completely unraveled’.” 6 months later, however, Grégory Lemarchal confessed to Karine Ferri that he was in love with her, then making his very first statement to him. Time flies but these precious words still resonate in the mind and in the heart of his former partner…

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