Karine Le Marchand: Rare and exceptional photo of her daughter Alya, a magnificent young woman

Karine Le Marchand is completely fulfilled by her role as a mother. A role that she had to assume alone because after giving birth, she separated from the dad because of its rising notoriety according to its statements. “I separated from my daughter’s father because of – or thanks to – the Kindergartens, I learned to become a mother thanks to Kindergarten“, she confided on the set of the 20th anniversary of the show as reported The Parisian.

And already in 2020, for TV Cable Sat, the host suggested that her new status as a public figure did not please Alya’s father at all. “One evening, at the restaurant, I am with my companion and the waiter welcomes us with a ‘Bonjour Monsieur et Madame Le Marchand.’ As it was not his name, he took my hand and said: ‘Listen to me, I will never be Monsieur Le Marchand.’ It contributed to our separation“, she confessed.

But despite the possible difficulties encountered later, Karine Le Marchand has no regrets. “What is certain is that I was extremely happy to raise my daughter alone. This fusion, even if I didn’t want it, I loved it“, she confided in 2021 for Gala.

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