Klaus Schulze, one of the founding fathers of German electronic music, is dead

Pioneer of German electronic music, inspiration of many musicians, Klaus Schulze, died at the age of 74, his son announced on Facebook on Thursday April 28. He passed away on Tuesday, so “sudden and unexpected” although he was battling an illness, writes Maximilian Schulze on Facebook.

Born August 4, 1947 in Berlin, Schulze is considered one of the founding fathers of German electronic music, whose influence can be detected on many contemporary recordings.

Electronic music classics

In the 1970s, this 2-meter colossus was one of the main ambassadors of hovering rock, sharing the stage with Mike Oldfield and the English group Pink Floyd. He was a member of the German krautrock band Tangerine Dreams.

Guitarist, then drummer, he rubbed shoulders with all the exercises: film music, diverted interpretation of themes from the classical repertoire, and even the production of variety stars (the German group Alphaville). His pieces, which could exceed thirty minutes, have become classics of electronic music.

Many artists, from Brian Eno to David Bowie, via Damon Albarn and Kanye West, have claimed their heritage.

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