Kuo: finally temperature sensors for the Apple Watch Series 8!

In a thread on his account TwitterMing Chi Kuo reflects on the dashed hopes of the Apple Watch Series 7stating that Apple would have canceled the measurement of body temperature for the latter for technical reasons.

Apparently, the necessary algorithm would not have received Cupertino’s approval before the production phase last year.. Also it is very optimistic that he announces that the Series 8 -scheduled for the second half of 2022- should finally take body temperature, finally if the famous algorithm meets the very strict requirements of the Californian firm.

let’s remember that this technical concern is that the top of the wrist is not the area usually used to measure body temperature. In addition, the measurement on the skin is less precise, so the sensor requires a particular algorithm, which is even more precise than the others. However, through these tweets, the analyst agrees with Bloomberg and that the wall street journal.

The answer next school year! The latter should be well loaded with news if we are to believe Mark Gurman. In addition to the Series 8, the journalist thinks that the Californian firm would release a new generation of Apple WhatchSE but also a more adventurous versiondedicated to extreme sports enthusiasts.

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