La Chèze: a successful pizza sale at the Saint-Louis de Montfort school – La Chèze

This Friday, April 29, 84 pizzas were sold by the parents’ association (APEL) of the Saint-Louis de Montfort school. The profits will be used to finance two school outings: a day at an educational farm for kindergarten children and a three-day stay in the river class at Belle-Isle-en-Terre for the other pupils.

A raft on the pond for the federal week

The federal week of cyclists is approaching, the children of the private school Saint-Louis de Montfort and the public school Jean-Cadoret de La Chèze unite to decorate the town by creating banners, characters, decorating bicycles . Some parents of pupils create a raft, it will be decorated by the children and will float on the pond of La Chèze. That week, from August 31 to 7, the town will welcome many visitors. As a result, the school’s annual garage sale is exceptionally scheduled for Sunday July 24. The school fair is scheduled for June 12.

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