Label Pizza, under the hackberry trees, in Gémenos

There is, in Gémenos, a champion of France, Europe, the world of pizza or one of its variants. Soon, the ridiculousness of all his contests will offer us the title of champion of the universe and there will be a few to take it literally. So our champion displayed his titles in the window: vice-world champion 2021 of the pizza world cup in Rome, vice-champion of Europe of the pizza margherita 2019, 1st prize Italian cup of the pizza by the meter and 1st prize of the champion’s cup of the “pizza teglia” in 2018, 3rd prize of the calzone world cup in 2017… And so on until 2014. On the micro terrace of Label Pizza, in the shade of the hackberry trees, the menu displays 17 proposals from 11 to 16 €, including a vegetarian, a bianca, a tartufa, a regina, as their name suggests. La Golosa is adorned with cream, mozzarella and fresh tomatoes, gorgonzola and raw ham. We then order a tiramisu served in a plastic cup, itself slipped into a mug.

At checkout, the landlady, charming, funny and kind, worries:
Everything went well ? »
– Well, I regret my choice because the fresh tomatoes were full of water and tasteless. I should have taken something else”we answer.
Ah, they’re growing in greenhouses right now! Did you take pictures? You will publish them on the networks because if you publish them, you will have to quote us! »
– To be frank, I hesitate to publish a photo of tiramisu in plastic”.
Ah, that’s because we do delivery and in delivery, people, they don’t bring us pots. Silence. “And then you know sir, what counts is not the packaging, but what’s inside”.
Our host didn’t understand that we’d rather talk about the packaging than his failed tiramisu all the way. But we agree on one point: what matters is not the packaging, but what’s inside. Thus the customer does not care about the prices awarded by obscure strangers, what matters for the person who pays is the pizza he has eaten. And again, we didn’t want to offend.

Label pizza, 5, rue Marius-Roubaud dit lou Nebla, 13420 Gémenos; info on 06 65 27 62 62. Card €20.

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