Large family on TF1: big fright for the Alesian Alexandre Pellissard admitted in emergency to the hospital

This Thursday, April 28, Alexandre Pellissard, the father of the Alesian tribe star of the TF1 show “Family Many”, was hospitalized in emergency. Something to panic the community that follows the adventures of the family on social networks.

Double fright at the Pellissard. While Amandine, the mother, was in Paris for the filming of a video with the influencer Jéremstar, her husband was admitted in emergency to the hospital this Thursday, April 28.

As indicated by the specialized site Pure People, the father of eight children “found that one of his legs had swollen at breakneck speed”. Health professionals then immediately suspected phlebitis. His wife, Amandine Pellissard, then returned in disaster during the day. After which, she gave no further news.

In a story published this Friday on her Instagram account, the mother returned to the events. “In fact, he had a clot in a vein in his calf, she said. When he told me he couldn’t put his leg down, I immediately thought of phlebitis. “

An operation scheduled for May

“I had been in pain for five days, but there it was abused,” added the person concerned. The latter had to return to the emergency room this Friday, due to a “permanent feeling of discomfort”. He finally returned home, to Alès, at the end of the afternoon.

“He has an anticoagulant treatment that a nurse injects him every day at home, said Amandine Pellissard. He will have surgery in May to remove this very dangerous vein.”

The couple took the opportunity to thank Internet users for their extraordinary “outpouring of benevolence”. “You are a second family,” they emphasized.

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