Léna’s parents, in a vegetative state, testify and challenge Olivier Véran

EXCLUDED RMC. Cédric and Sophie, the parents of Léna (12), who is in a vegetative state after being contaminated by the E.coli bacteria present in a Buitoni pizza, testify and deplore the lack of support and communication from the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran.

A “real nightmare” that has lasted for two months already. Léna, a 12-year-old girl, ate a Fraich’Up pizza from Buitoni with her parents and little sister on February 14. A family “ritual”, twice a month. Four days later, his mother had to rush him to the hospital. “She had severe pain in her stomach, Sophie told RMC. Then she had diarrhea, with blood. Five minutes later, she passed out. I took her to the hospital. found inflammation in the intestines. They just told me to go home, call the doctor.” But the same evening, faced with the pain, she must be brought back to the emergency room. “She had no more stools, she only had blood. She was bleeding, she was bleeding…”, explains her mother.

The presence of the E. coli bacterium was confirmed by the analyzes at the Nancy hospital. And it all came together. “The toxin rose to the level of the brain, confides Cédric, Léna’s dad. They made the decision to put her in a coma, to avoid too much pain, to alleviate her suffering a little.” After the sedation was stopped, the examinations showed “large lesions”, “in the frontal lobe and on the back of the brain”. Lena is in a vegetative state. “The only observation that the doctors make is visually: the little one, she no longer speaks, does not moan, does not see. We do not know if she hears. She is fed by nasogastric tube. She had a loss considerable weight. She can’t sit up, nothing at all… She has huge, atypical gestures, which are linked to the child’s neurological impairment. Today, they can’t tell us if she will be fine.”

“Our daughter is locked in her body”

“Before they put her in a coma, Léna said to us ‘goodbye, I love you’, says Sophie, her mother. A quarter of an hour later, there was no more Léna. We told her goodbye, ‘kisses my heart’, ‘I love you, see you tomorrow’.” “It’s as if she knew she was going to fall asleep, completes her dad. The last words where there was perhaps still a little consciousness. It’s disturbing for us parents.” “She was already no longer talking when we left, continues Sophie. There was no reaction from her. She is still in a vegetative state. It’s very hard to see her like that. We talk to her, but he There’s nothing. We don’t know if she sees us, if she hears us. We go there every day. Even her little sister goes to see her. It’s very hard for her too. Our life is broken.”

And the future very uncertain. “The doctors are not optimistic, indicates Cédric. It can be like that until the end of his days. There are no good, reassuring words. The neurologists made it clear to us that if someone came tell us that she will walk again, sing again, like before, she will be a liar. The doctors tell us that it is a fight of a lifetime. For the moment, there is nothing at all. Our child has arrived at the hospital on both legs, with a pain in her stomach. And almost two months later, it turns out that she still does not speak, she does not see, she does not walk. When we go to see her, we hope for a smile, an action, an evolution. The most worrying thing is that there is nothing left. Our daughter is locked up in her body. Her brain is inert. We can’t let things like that happen.”

“The Minister of Health is absent subscribers”

In this “fight”, Cédric and Sophie took legal action, filing a complaint. “We have to fight. There are bound to be culprits, those responsible will have to pay. It would be good for a judge to be appointed, underlines Léna’s dad. The file is being followed by the Paris prosecutor’s office but it is necessary that a judge be appointed. Justice will do its job, the culprits will be brought before the judge. It will not bring us back our children but it will make certain people understand that we are not playing with health.” Lena’s parents also have a “huge regret”. The silence of Olivier Véran, the Minister of Health, on this subject. “We have a Minister of Health who is present in the media, but in this case, no, slice Cédric. He is absent subscribers. The only person who made a good decision is the prefect of the North , by closing this factory. We could say thank you to him.”

“We are not in contact with ministers, because we cannot reach them, adds Léna’s dad. But a word, I think it can make people understand that we have senior health officials. who can take directives because they have more power. This total absence, we cannot explain it. It would have been good if he could be a spokesperson, speak and make people aware of what he happens.” “At least for the families, it’s a minimum, to have support and to say that it must never happen again, believes Sophie, the mother. There are children who have died. He have to shake things up. These are families that were broken up over pizza.”

“Just a four-ball pizza”, supports the dad, who asks for “more controls” in food factories and “by offices outside companies”. In addition to sadness, stress, with “a phobia” and “a fear of everything” which now sets in, especially when eating, there is “anger”. “The culprits must take, implores Cédric. These people must be made to understand that it could have happened to their children, to their grandchildren.” And the dad promises: “I will not let go”.

LP with Joanna Chabas, Marie Dupin and Anne-Lyvia Tollinchi

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