LG: Eco-Life Made Easy By Smart Home Technology

Planning to go green in time for Earth Day (Earth Hour) this year? Smart home technology can make your sustainable journey easier, helping you save electricity and achieve your new net-zero lifestyle.

Energy Savings Made Easy

Saving energy at home just got a whole lot easier with the help of the LG ThinQ app and its smart features, which effortlessly optimize the energy efficiency of home appliances. The app even takes usage patterns into account – for example, it can adjust the fridge’s power consumption to the lowest level during nighttime hours.

With the LG ThinQ application, it is also possible to check the status of all devices remotely and even turn off the one you left on, wherever you are.

For the washing machine the app suggests an optimal cycle for the task – a cycle that uses only what is needed, based on determining the type of fabric and the weight of the load, to achieve the best results for the washing machine. laundry, and for the environment too.

Extend The Life Of Home Appliances

Keeping your devices in good working order not only extends their life, but also saves money in the long run. Besides, it can also help to avoid excessive power consumption during operation, making it a really useful lens for any household.

Designed to help users take better care of their LG home appliances, the ThinQ app’s Smart Diagnosis feature enables quick checks to make sure everything is working as expected. In addition to preventative care, the app provides reminders when it’s time to replace a product’s filters.

Going a step further, LG recently announced the upcoming launch of its upgradable devices – devices that can integrate new features and functions to bring even more value to users over time.

With the latest smart home technologies at your disposal, you can enjoy a more convenient, and more sustainable, life than ever before. Happy Earth Day (Earth Hour)!

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