Licorice Pizza by Paul Thomas Anderson

Blu-ray release: Licorice Pizza by Paul Thomas Anderson

Paul Thomas Anderson is a contemporary genius in staging, constantly able to renew himself by offering unexpected stories with choices that are all the more surprising because they turn out to be brilliant. After directing the most exciting actors of the moment, be it Daniel Day Lewis, Joaquin Phoenix, Philip Seymour Hoffman, etc. this time its protagonists are young performers still unknown to the cinema while adult “stars” find themselves on the periphery of the central narrative, namely Sean Penn, Tom Waits, Bradley Cooper, Benny Safdie, Maya Rudolph, John C. Reilly , Harriet Sansom Harris who systematically find themselves in extravagant, unbearable roles. This opposition of generations thus highlights the young characters attracted by the adult world which never keeps its promises, like the contextual image of America in 1973 and its President Nixon, a great shameless liar.

Licorice Pizza by Paul Thomas Anderson © Universal Pictures

From a teenage love story, Paul Thomas Anderson signs a societal and political summons of an entire era with particular care to transcribe the entire atmosphere of 1973 in the USA. The filmmaker is moreover a great specialist in the “resurrection” of past eras and his entire staging attaches as much importance to this entire reconstitution as to the direction of the actors, which is still just as captivating. Thus, the film begins with a vertiginous performance of actors during a sequence shot where the two protagonists meet for the first time during a long verbal jousting, deceptively light, which comes to sublimate the art of seduction in dialogues. that Woody Allen and Eric Rohmer know how to write so well. From this first sequence, the question of hyper-mature young people in an irresponsible adult world is raised and will then be developed throughout the film in a river story with epic and humorous dimensions.

Yes Inherent Vice was a distanced adaptation of the thriller with fine humour, Licorice Pizza which also takes place at a time close to this last film, is also a dialogue with another category of films, those devoted to adolescence and its existential pangs. The subject is as deep in the themes addressed, as in the pleasure of the staging where Paul Thomas Anderson reveals himself as much a cinephile whose love for his art has deep roots, as a brilliant portrait painter to offer extraordinary and paradoxically prosaic individualities.

Licorice Pizza
by Paul Thomas Anderson
With: Alana Haim (Alana Kane), Cooper Hoffman (Gary Valentine), Sean Penn (Jack Holden), Tom Waits (Rex Blau), Bradley Cooper (Jon Peters), Benny Safdie (Joel Wachs), Skyler Gisondo (Lance), Mary Elizabeth Ellis (Momma Anita), John Michael Higgins (Jerry Frick), Christine Ebersole (Lucille Dolittle), Harriet Sansom Harris (Mary Grady), Ryan Heffington (Steve), Nate Mann (Brian), Joseph Cross (Matthew), George DiCaprio (Mr. Jack), Ray Chase (B. Mitchel Reed), Emma Dumont (Brenda), Yumi Mizui (Mioko), Megumi Anjo (Kimiko), Maya Rudolph (Gale), John C. Reilly (Fred Gwynne), Dan Chariton (Sam Harpoon), Milo Herschlag (Greg Valentine), Will Angarola (Kirk), Griff Giacchino (Mark), James Kelley (Tim), Danielle Haim (Danielle Kane), Este Haim (Este Kane), Moti Haim (Moti Kane) ), Donna Haim (Donna Kane)
USA, Canada, 2021.
Duration: 133′ (2h13)
Theatrical release (France): June 1, 2022
Blu-ray release in France: January 5, 2022
Format: 2.39 – Color
Publisher: Universal Pictures France

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