Limit spying by AirTag: a headache for Apple

The AirTag object sensor can be very useful for finding a lost object. You slip it into a bag or purse, and if you forget it (provided the place where the AirTag is has a bit of traffic), the Find My app can tell you its location.

Unfortunately, the sensor has seen its use be diverted by people with bad intentions. These take advantage of this location feature, which is also done without a subscription to pay each month, to follow people, without their knowledge.

Stories have surfaced of how men did not hesitate to spy on the movements of their partner or ex-partner, for example by hiding an AirTag in their car or their bag.

However, a feature is already in place to warn victims of this type of unwanted tracking. Normally, if an AirTag that you don’t own and isn’t associated with your Apple account or iOS device is tracking your movements, an alert will appear on your iPhone screen. You can then locate the AirTag in question, by ringing it.

And with the latest AirTag software update, released a few days ago, at number 1.0.301, Apple made a change to this level. The alert in question, making it possible to locate the “spy” sensor, has gained in volume. The Californian firm wants to make it easier for the victim and allow him to quickly get his hands on the tracker.


The Cupertino Society must do everything to limit this type of malicious use. Of course, it’s unfortunate to come to this, because it becomes impossible or in any case very irrelevant to use an AirTag to track a stolen object. Indeed, if I hide an AirTag in my bike to locate it in case of theft, the thief will be notified of unwanted tracking and can put my finger on the sensor before getting rid of it.

On the other hand, this alert feature only seems to work from an iPhone. If the person tracked by an AirTag, victim or thief, has an Android device, they would not be alerted. It seems to be a important system limit.

And you, what objects do you use your AirTags on?

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