“Little, at home, Mozart was part of the decor”

Our guest is an author, composer and performer: an inspired pen, she unveils limpid songs and a rather heady sense of melody… In 2021, Nail was named in the female revelation category of the Victoires de la musique for her album “Orages”. She takes us, today, in her musical crossroads…

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Becoming a musician was not an option in my family, it was rather a background, a bit like in the 19th century for young model girls. And if there was music, it had to be classical music.


Doux mots dits – Journey to the heart of my adolescence
Texts and illustrations by Clou
Editions Rageot

Doux mots dits - Journey to the heart of my adolescence
Doux mots dits – Journey to the heart of my adolescence

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There are words that hurt, those that we dare not say or that we should not have said. And then there are the words that liberate. It is of all these words that it is a question in Doux mots dits. Through a collection of poems that she illustrated herself, the artist Clou invites us to travel in her adolescence between family violence and sensual discoveries. In the background, the Parisian daily life, and as a glow, the music that makes everything more beautiful.

Musical programming

Wolfgang AmadeusMozart
The Marriage of Figaro: Voi che sapete
Thereza Berganza, Philharmonia Orchestra, Carlo Maria Giulini

Panama lovers

Antonio Vivaldi
Nulla in mundo pax Sincera, Motet in E Major RV 630: Aria
Verena Schweizer, Lausanne Chamber Orchestra, Michel Corboz

Nail / Yves Simon
The blue Gauloises
Album “Distraught Generation(s)”

Claude Debussy
Arabesque No. 2
Alicia de Larrocha

Georges Bizet
Carmen: With the rising guard
Julia Migenes, Placido Domingo, National Orchestra of France

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