Loana “ridiculous”: Pink hair, blue lenses and “battle eyebrows”, disappointed internet users

After a makeover”fair“in the show Incredible Transformations (and a lasting falling out with Nicolas Waldorf by the way) Loana seems to have decided to take up the challenge of taming her wild hair herself. From now on, the pretty blonde wants to see life in pink! As proof, the former winner of loft story unveiled her new fluorescent pink color on Instagram on April 27, 2022. In the photo, we discover Loana’s face in close-up as well as very original fuschia pink hair. “Pink kisses to all” she wrote in the caption, also associating her publication with her favorite hashtags: “#loana #beauty #celebrity #naturalmakeup #influencer #blondebombshell“.

Very quickly, Loana’s hairstyle was not unanimous among Internet users. If some are seduced and amused by this hair color which is very “princess“, others don’t seem at all thrilled with this look.”No non stop there… I don’t want to be mean but stop she doesn’t realize thatshe is ridiculous at timesyou“, “Better go to the hairdresser cut that hair and stop with that blonde….and go do some microblading….“, “Tweety is it pink too?“, Luckily it’s a wig“, “OMG, between blue contact lenses, pink hair and messy eyebrows“Can we read in the comments. Not sure that the beautiful Loana keeps this look for a very long time in view of the reactions of her many darlings.

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