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Volunteering Africa, a South African non-profit organization that works for wildlife conservation, has partnered with Abeeway and Actility to create a system that will allow the group to monitor the location of rhinos in order to protect them from the poaching.

Around 9,800 rhinos have been killed over the past decade by poachers seeking to sell their horns on the black market. This problem endangers the species, which only numbers 27,000 individuals in the world, and puts the black rhino in great danger of extinction.

To help solve this problem, Volunteering Africa, in partnership with Abeeway, a provider of GPS tracking products for the Internet of Things, has deployed several LoRaWAN gateways in the parks where the rhinos are found and created a bracelet for the rhinos. which features Abeeway’s “Compact Tracker”. According to Actility, the identity of the parks must be kept confidential to prevent poachers from knowing where they could be caught.

The Compact Tracker is a lightweight device designed to withstand heavy use. Its housing has been designed to withstand harsh environments while providing consistent performance for tracking animals or objects. It offers real-time tracking, status monitoring, motion-based activity monitoring, and geofencing applications, like sending alerts when the device leaves or enters specific areas.

The system allows wildlife officers to locate each animal in real time, ensuring they don’t stray into an area crowded with poachers. The system works quickly, helping officers prepare to respond much sooner, before poachers arrive, and enabling them to protect areas where rhinos are found.

Due to the good results achieved during the proof-of-concept stages, the technology is now starting to be implemented in more parks. However, the speed of implementation is slow and currently dependent on private sponsorship and the limited number of staff available, Actility said.

Although the number of rhinos tagged so far must also remain confidential, the project’s goal is to tag them all and possibly expand to other species that are victims of poaching.

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