Lorie mom: Rare photo of her daughter Nina for a tender and complicit moment

However, during an interview with the magazine Parents, Lorie did not hesitate to recount her cesarean delivery, an unforgettable moment. “She [Nina, ndlr] left with Yann, he went skin-to-skin with her and me for the time to sew it up, and after that, half an hour later, they both arrived, I had it on me and that was the most beautiful moment of my life“, she remembered, still moved. An unusual anecdote which nevertheless marked her: her abs embarrassed the doctors for the cesarean section!

I look at Yann, I f*** but you have to be a Turkish delight to give birth quietly? she concluded with a lot of humor. A reference to his very rare companion, while the couple have shared a beautiful story since their meeting in 2018. Eddy de Pretto’s manager was already a dad when they fell in love, a little boy whom Lorie now considers his own. .

If on the private side, everything is fine, Lorie has taken a little break from the professional level since the birth of her daughter. After the release of her last album in 2017, she decided to devote herself to her acting career. Included in the cast of Tomorrow Belongs To Us the same year, she left the show during her pregnancy, only returning for a few episodes afterwards. In 2022, however, she will be the lead role in a TV movie for France 3.

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