Man makes glass frames using hydraulic dipping technology – Reuters

Science and technology are all about new inventions. From factories to homes, the influence of science and changing technology can be seen in everything. Items that used to take a long time to design are now ready in minutes.

Now, a video of the popular Hydro Dipping – also known as immersion printing, water transfer printing and hydro imaging – the process has gone viral on the internet. Shared by @techzexpress on Instagram, the video shows a man decorating simple glass frames in minutes.

In the video, a man is seen sprinkling something on the water, which already has a colorful design. This design is on the surface of the water. When another person puts several spectacle frames on a stick and takes them out by dipping them in colored water, a beautiful design is printed on each of them.

When the lenses have been immersed in water, the design adheres to the lens frame.

Take a look at the video:

A thin hydrographic film based on latex and pigments is produced which is deposited on the surface of the water. Through a chemical reaction, this design adheres to the item.

With hydro films these days, many decorate their items like guns, helmets, game controllers and ATVs. The film can be applied to many different materials such as plastic, metal, wood, etc.

The viral video has racked up over 2 lakh views, while over 4,000 people have liked it. Many in the comments section praised the design of the glasses. One person wrote that it was very beautiful, while many expressed themselves by dropping fire and heart emojis.

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