Marc Lavoine: Rare photos of his three children with his ex-wife Sarah Poniatowski

Before meeting Line Papin, Marc Lavoine was madly in love with Sarah Poniatowski, an interior designer to whom he said “yes” in May 1995. Despite their divorce after 23 years of marriage, Marc Lavoine and Sarah Poniatowski remained on good terms. For their own good, but above all for that of their three children: Yasmine, 24, Roman, 15 and Milo, 11. The trio has also inherited their mother’s blonde hair and the looks of their singer father. This is what we can see in the recent photos published by Sarah Poniatowski on her Instagram account (see slideshow).

Sarah Poniatoswki cares about her children like the apple of her eye. So when the opportunity arises, she shares a few moments with her daughter and sons. The quartet took advantage of a trip to Portugal to immortalize these moments that have become rare. Mother and children playtourists“, as the ex-wife of Marc Lavoine has fun, and savor their holidays, far from the hustle and bustle of Paris.

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