Married at first sight 2022: Break for Axel and Caroline!

carolina and Axel are 80% compatible. The two candidates of Married at first sight 2022 are nature and animal lovers. A common point that could have brought them together. But the 29-year-old concierge company manager was disappointed by the physique of the 30-year-old project manager and site pilot. Despite her efforts to get to know him, she was therefore distant, a situation that was beginning to weigh on Axel’s morale. The latter therefore turned to the expert Pascal de Sutter to explain to him that his wife made no concessions and that she was closed.

During the episode of May 2, Pascal de Sutter therefore called Caroline to find out more about her state of mind. The Loup-Gabriel’s mom explained that she would never develop romantic feelings on his side. If she recognized that he was respectful and open, she regretted that he did not understand the situation. “The only thing I want to tell her is that I have no feelings. Well, he doesn’t hear it. He does not feel what the other person in front feels. (…) He doesn’t sense when I want him to leave me alone. So I feel so oppressed. (…) I think we have to give up“, she confided.

Caroline was aware that she had to be honest with Axel and not go to his house to meet his dogs as planned. The very evening of their arrival in Lyon, she therefore found him in order to tell him the bottom of his thoughts. But once in front of him, she backed off and explained that she would tell him the next day if she wanted to continue their union or not. Once again, the young man made it clear to her that they needed to get to know each other more. So she didn’t feel like telling him the truth: “I’m not sure I’m sincere at the moment.” In the end, she didn’t need to take the first step.

Axel takes the lead

The next day, Axel and Caroline met to discuss their future. “I thought I had a crush on you. It’s true that while getting to know each other, I realized that it wouldn’t become love. (…) I think you totally agree and relieved that I tell you that“, he threw at her. surprise announcement for the mother of the family. “I think it’s a bit the male ego that wanted to manage the situation. If he feels like that, so much the better“, pointed out Caroline. And facing Axel, she confirmed that she was relieved that they felt the same thing. Before leaving, the young man made a special request to her: “Would you like to be my friend ?“. Then they quickly withdrew their wedding rings and parted on good terms.

Axel did not hide that this new love failure was very hard and that going back to loneliness was complicated. For him, it was rather “disaster at first sight“.

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