Mastercard uses Microsoft technology to fight credit card fraud

Mastercard announced on April 25 the launch of its new identification solution, Digital Transaction Insights, whose objective is to fight against online payment fraud. He chose Microsoft technology: Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection. It is a cloud-based solution designed to help merchants reduce fraud-related costs and improve customer experience.

Authenticate payer

Specifically, Mastercard has developed an authentication “new generationThis solution combines its network information with merchant data to confirm consumer identity. It also provides the complementary information to financial institutions to improve their authorization decisions and approve transactions with greater reliability.

Digital Transaction Insights is enabled by EMV 3-D Secure, a protocol allowing the exchange of data between the merchant, the card issuer and the consumer to validate the transaction, and Mastercard Identity Check, an authentication method for payments made over the Internet.

The amount of cases of credit card fraud would amount to 50 million dollars each year, according to Mastercard. It more specifically targets “friendly fraud”, a fraud carried out by the holder of the bank card who, after having made an online purchase, will cancel this transaction with his bank by making an opposition on the payment. It has a very significant financial impact for traders because they are required to repay. Mastercard therefore wants to tackle the root of the problem: verifying the identity of the payer.

Microsoft continues its foray into retail

With this announcement, Microsoft continues its breakthrough in retail. In January 2021, during the 2021 edition of NRF Retail’s Big Show, he announced the launch of Cloud for Retail for merchants. This offer aims to provide a unified data platform to improve the entire value chain, from logistics to marketing.

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