Meeting around a pizza at the Mozaïka social center

Invited to meet and share on the problems encountered, the stakeholders of the new socio-cultural and sports center met on Tuesday March 29 for a first “Meal for the actors”.

Under the leadership of the Terre-contact association and its mobile pizza oven, around thirty participants got their hands dirty to prepare a convivial and unifying lunch in the courtyard of the building.

The social actors brought together during their office hours, CCAS, local youth mission, medico-social branch, Cemea, CCVH early childhood relay, or Mescladis were able to get to know each other better and discuss future projects.

Jérôme Froget, director of Mozaïka, underlined the importance of this first act of partnership work by indicating: “Networking is very important to develop our structure and build a successful professional network that meets the needs of Saint-Andréans.”

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