Metapizza NFT; Pizza Popups In The Metaverse

MIAMI, FL., May 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – There are only a few things that are universally common to people. We all breathe, we all smell, and we all love pizza. Meta Pizza NFT’s DAO features a hot and ready collection of your favorite slices dressed in the hottest bits, plus being a titular also means you score free ‘za.

Meta Pizza’s DAO’s main goal is to launch a series of pizzerias where holders can come and eat for free alongside fellow Metaverse enthusiasts. With these pop-ups taking only a fraction of the money and time it would take to run a full-time brick-and-mortar store, this allows for flexibility in location and the ability to reach more of the holders, which means everyone gets their share. 100% controlled, maintained and developed by the community, 100% of all profits from community stores and pop-ups will be reinvested in the continuation of the project.

Meta Pizza is the first in the food industry to harness the potential of Web3 technology and use ERC721A, an enhanced implementation of the ERC721 standard that supports minting multiple tokens for nearly the cost of one. This means everyone saves money on gas costs and Meta Pizza stays ahead of the development of its competitors. Holders are also easily verified using blockchain technology when they enter a physical store, allowing you to choose the slice that suits you best.

In 2020, 38 million people report living in food-insecure households and around 85% of food left in restaurants is thrown away. Meta Pizza’s DAO is changing the way we think about food and giving back to the community by donating 100% of the food they don’t use in their events and pop-ups to food relief programs and charities in neighboring communities, as well as donating 10% of all secondary royalties to Feeding My Starving Children.

With community values ​​centered around communication, transparency and good food, join MetaPizza’s DAO discussion using the Discord link and follow Twitter to stay up to date on current and upcoming giveaways.

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