Michel Hazanavicius changes the title of Z (like Z) that he can no longer “assume” in the face of the pain of the Ukrainians

Due to the offensives of the Russian army which displays the last letter of the alphabet on its tanks and military equipment, the French director has decided to rename his next feature film Cut!. A film which, on May 17, will open the 75and Cannes film festival.

“In view of the symbolic charge taken on by the letter Zsince the start of the war in ukraineand at the request of Ukrainian filmmakers, I decided to change the title of my film»explained Monday in a press release the Oscar-winning director for The Artist .

“That title may have been funny when we finished the movie a few months ago, but it’s not funny anymore, and I can’t take it. My film is made to bring joy and in no case would I want it to be associated directly or indirectly with this war.added Michel Hazanavicius. “So I am very happy to change (of title, editor’s note), and to this extent to mark my full support for the Ukrainian people. I take this opportunity to thank all the production, distribution, promotion and exhibition teams who made this decision possible.concludes Mr. Hazanavicius.

Cut!, a zombie comedy with Matilda Lutz, Bérénice Béjo and Romain Duris, will be unveiled on May 17 at the opening of the 75th Cannes Film Festival and will be released in France the same day. The film tells of a zombie film shoot in an abandoned building. “Between jaded technicians and actors not really concerned, only the director seems invested with the energy necessary to give life to yet another low-budget horror film. The irruption of authentic living dead will disrupt the filming.indicate the film’s production notes.

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