Ming-Chi Kuo: the body temperature sensor possibly in the Apple Watch Series 8

Will the body temperature sensor finally make an appearance in the Apple Watch Series 8? In a Twitter feed which he has the secret, Ming-Chi Kuo is not categorical on the subject, but he thinks it is not impossible. Apple would have actually canceled this sensor with the Series 7 – the rumor had announced it and then finally not – because not of the hardware, but of the software.

The latest sensor-related health feature was blood oxygen measurement with the Apple Watch Series 6.

In this case, the algorithm has “ failed to qualify before the EVT phase (the engineering validation test) last year. We imagine that Apple has continued software development and if this famous algorithm is satisfactory, then the Series 8 will be able to integrate the sensor. Recently, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg was more cautious, even though he had heard that the thermometer was still on the roadmap for the 2022 vintage.

Skin temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar: distant prospects for the Apple Watch

According to the TF International analyst, if the sensor is obviously important, the algo is essential. An accurate measurement of body temperature must take into account the temperature of the skin, which varies greatly depending on the external environment. It is up to the software to weight these variations to obtain an accurate calculation.

Samsung is also facing the same problem, according to Kuo. The manufacturer may not be able to find the martingale for its Galaxy Watch 5, scheduled for the second half of the year, and which is also supposed to take the temperature.


Before the Apple Watch, the Galaxy Watch could take your temperature


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