Montpellier / Restaurant: Italian pizzas from Volfoni in Antigone

The Volfoni Antigone team in Montpellier (©Facebook)

New address to taste pizza Italian style, Montpellier : for the past few days, the brand volfoni settled in the Antigone district, between the Place de l’Europe and the banks of the Lez. The restaurant Le 9 is finished, so make way for the Pizza Volfoni, place de l’Europe, with a terrace on the avenue du Piraeus, opposite the Hôtel de Région. The team of 9 bounced back to Palavas les Flots to manage the hut Le Bain de Soleil, on the left bank.

Dishes from the 50s

In Antigone, at Volfioni, discover the old-fashioned atmosphere of 1950s Italy revisited in a contemporary loft style. A la carte and on the menu, traditional Italian cuisine so dear to our neighbors and adored by French amateurs. Specialties other than pizzas are very popular.

You can of course taste all the varieties of pizza, some original, Roman-style squid, 3 formaggi croquettes, stuffed pizza dough, taleggio, gorgonzola, parmesan, ricotta di bufala with fine herbs, delicatessen and foccacia chiffonade, truffle hamParma ham or speck or pistachio mortadella IGP from Bologna, creamy burrata from Puglia, pizzetta, virgin sauce, bruschetta, Milanese veal cutlet, beef tagliata (about 220g), saltimbocca alla Roman, Toscana salmon, meatballs stewed beef, tomato sauce, parmesan, ravioli al tartufo, white wine clams and parsley, marinated tuna fillet, etc. The desserts are not forgotten, with a gourmet list. And of course, after a good Italian coffee, why not a limoncello, but in moderation.

> Practical: Volfoni Antigone, 216, rue de Rhodes / avenue du Piraeus, Montpellier. Tel: 04 99 64 87 45

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