More beautiful life: Jacob still alive for Ariane, Betty finds herself alone (episode of Friday April 29, 2022 on France 3)

Jacob’s return has turned the daily life of the police station upside down. More beautiful life on France 3. In the episode of this Friday, April 29, 2022, Betty is more and more tense as a big meeting approaches.

Jacob hunted down by the police in Plus belle la vie

Prosecutor Xavier Revel gives a press conference with Ariane (Lola Marois) and Lombard, to signify the rescue of Martial Larue. The days of the peacekeeper are no longer in danger. Following the words of the senior official, the serial killer gets angry and smashes his computer.

Kevin (Theo Bertrand) comes to visit Martial, in his hospital room. The young policeman admits that he does not have too much morale even if physically, he is holding up. Martial says he did not see his face, because the murderer had a balaclava and he did not speak. Martial is afraid that Jacob (Christian Morillon) takes revenge on another peacekeeper.

Ariane confides in Mathieu Lombard about the testimony of Martial Larue. She seems to see something fishy in it. The copycat would have spotted itself in the house when it was in the dark. The lieutenant thinks that there is no imitator and makes a hypothesis: it is the real Jacob who sows terror.

Betty takes a rabbit on France 3

Betty asks Kylian and NoƩ their opinion on her hairstyle. She is very stressed. If Noah (Florian Lesueur) is smug in front of the teenager and says yes, his best friend is a little more specific about his convictions. He advises her to adapt her hair according to the occasion.

Later in More beautiful life, Lola wants Kylian to get Betty. The latter will go and question the young woman. Roland’s daughter learns that she has an appointment with a guy in a fancy place. Sophie Courcel’s child asks Kylian (Tim Rousseau) to move on, as Betty is on another plane.

But it’s not a lover that Betty is going to see, but her father. Annoyed and alone in the restaurant, the teenager tries one last time to call him back, but he will not come to this meeting. She ends the evening in the face of her despair, whereas at the start she had stars in her eyes.

The adventures of the Mistral district are to be discovered in the next episodes of More beautiful life broadcast from Monday to Friday on the French antenna, from 8:20 p.m.

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