National tribute to Michel Bouquet: his widow Juliette Carré worthy and supported by Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron

This Wednesday, April 27, politicians and great artists gathered at the Invalides for the national tribute given in honor of Michel Bouquet, who died on April 13 at the age of 96. Among the guests, relatives and friends of the late actor, Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron, presidential couple but also Muriel Robin, former student of the actor at the Conservatory, Pierre Arditi and Fabrice Luchini. These three pillars of French comedy all had a quick note to salute the talent and career of the monument of the stage, under the tender eyes of Juliette Carré, last wife of Michel Bouquet. The 88-year-old actress has shown herself worthy in pain, she who has already had to face the burial in complete privacy on April 13 in the town of Étais-la-Sauvin. The actress was also able to count on the support of relatives and Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron, whose embrace and proof of affection greatly comforted her at the dawn of this new life without her man.

Michel Bouquet has officially known two women in his life. The first was called Ariane Borg, an actress whom he had married in 1954 before divorcing her in 1967. Three years later, he wedded to Juliette Carré, with whom he also shared a passion for theater and movie theater. Exercising the same profession keeps some lovers away. This was not the case of Juliette Carré and Michel Bouquet.

In an interview with Le Figaro, Michel Bouquet confided as rarely about his marriage to Juliette Carré: “Even if we privilege the truth between us, to the point sometimes of putting ourselves in danger, we do not talk much about theaterindicated Michel Bouquet in an interview with Figaro. We don’t meddle much in each other’s work, even if we sometimes allow ourselves a few small remarks, the faults to be feared. It’s not fun at the moment, but it’s necessary. And if I make less comments to her than she does, it’s not only because I’m gallant, it’s also because I’m cowardly!

As lovers of comedy and lovers for that matter, Juliette Carré and Michel Bouquet have given the line several times on stage. In 2008, they were both playing in Imaginary sick at the Porte Saint-Martin theater in Paris. About ten years ago, it was still together that they interpreted The King is dying by playwright Eugène Ionesco. Unfortunately for everyone, this time it is well and truly gone.

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