Nissan introduces new driver assistance technology

Nissan is developing a new driving assistance technology: “ground truth perception”, which improves collision avoidance.

This new Nissan technology, dubbed “ground truth perception” (perception of the truth of the ground), works thanks to new generations of LIDAR, radar and high performance cameras. The technology collects road information from sensors, and real-time analysis the distance of objects and their shape, not to mention information about the vehicle’s surroundings, with a high degree of accuracy.

This information then allows the system to analyze the driving situation in real time, then the car is able to assess the danger and then toautomatically execute evasive maneuvers to reduce the risk of collision.

Nissan: real-time hazard analysis

The “ground truth perception” technology is also capable of detecting a slowdown in traffic, or anticipating obstacles located on the road, while changing traffic lanes in order to optimize its operation.

“As we look to the future of autonomous driving, we believe it is essential for users to have the utmost confidence in the safety of their vehicle. We are confident that our ground truth perception technology under development will make a significant contribution to user confidence, traffic accident reduction and autonomous driving in the future. » said Takao Asami, Senior Vice President Research & Development at Nissan.

To develop the technology, Nissan has teamed up with companies like Luminar, which specializes in automotive technology, and Applied Intuition, which specializes in autonomous driving systems. Still in the development stage, this new driver assistance technology will be ready by mid-decade. It will initially be offered on certain models of the brand, before being extended to the majority of the range by 2030.

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