Nvidia puts GeForce NOW app on Apple Silicon diet

It’s the turn of Nvidia’s GeForce Now app to take advantage of the performance of Apple’s processors. A 2.0.40 update is about to be distributed with a performance optimization for the new “M1” architecture.

Nvidia promises faster app launch and lower power consumption on laptops. More generally, the operation of this macOS version should become more fluid. For the moment it is still version that the site offers for download but we will monitor the deployment of this highly anticipated revision.

Last month, Nvidia opened a new monthly option for its subscription, at €19.99. A way to test the service without having to commit too much beforehand.

GeForce Now: l

GeForce Now: the RTX 3080 subscription now available on a monthly basis

Game streaming: preview of GeForce Now's new RTX 3080 formula

Game streaming: preview of GeForce Now’s new RTX 3080 formula


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