On May 4, Apple will release a “Behind The Mac” video dedicated to Star Wars [Teaser vidéo]

Fans know it well, May 4 is considered Star Wars Day and the latter is generally the occasion to celebrate the saga and its universe. As a reminder, the day was chosen because of a hard to translate pun in French between the date of May 4 (May the Fourth in English) and the cult phrase May the Force[bewithyou}[bewithyou}which gives -logically- May the fourth be with you (May the 4th of May be with you).

Ultimately, next Wednesday for this Star Wars Day 2022, will release a video Behind the Mac on Apple’s YouTube channel. First airing in 2018, the campaign is meant to be a large-scale self-promotion of celebrity Mac usage. The goal is obviously to show the capacity of the Apple machine to increase, improve and facilitate the creative process.

So this next content will show behind the scenes of Star Wars filmingand especially how Skywalker Sound –the sound effects division of Lucasfilm– uses Macs and other tools to generate iconic movie sounds. And in the meantime the firm published today a small teaser highlighting the background work of these sound engineers.

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