Our best pizza recipes

Let’s share the happiness, one bite at a time, with our top 5 pizza recipes.

Buying store-bought pizza dough is good, but cooking your own pizza dough is even better. Our chef Jonathan Garnier teaches us the basics to make homemade pizza dough. Like child’s play!


1. BBQ Chicken Pizza

To make this summer recipe a success, simply grill the red onions, jalapeno peppers and corn on the BBQ grills before topping the chicken pizza.

The recipe: BBQ chicken pizza


2. Pizza with cheese and maple sugar

There’s no doubt: this maple sugar pizza is a local creation! Covered with four varieties of cheese and fig wedges, this sweet and savory recipe will delight all guests.

The recipe: Pizza with cheese and maple sugar


3. BBQ Seafood Pizza

To cook this pizza, it is possible to choose the seafood of your choice, such as scallops, shrimps, mussels or pieces of lobster. Just add the tomato sauce, garlic and hot pepper to complete the BBQ recipe.

The recipe: BBQ Seafood Pizza


4. Shrimp Pizza

This shrimp pizza is served on a white cream and parmesan sauce. Enhanced with zucchini and fresh basil, this recipe is ready in less than fifteen minutes.

The recipe: white pizza with shrimp


5. BBQ Chorizo ​​Pizza

This is a delicious homemade pizza! In addition to being covered with a bolognese sauce and pieces of chorizo, this pizza is topped with a ball of mozzarella di Bufala. A delight!

The recipe: BBQ chorizo ​​pizza


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