Outings – Leisure | 15 years since the death of Grégory Lemarchal: “This association is all he wanted”

He was a voice, a face. An artist who marked a whole generation, even several. “We still talk about him today, some young people who didn’t know him talk to me about himsmiles Pierre Lemarchal. He exuded something that attracted people“.

15 years ago, to the day, Grégory Lemarchal left us as a result of cystic fibrosis. A genetic disease which did not however prevent him from achieving his dreams, that of embracing a career as a singer for more than two years. The day after his death, the association that bears his name was launched. “Greg wanted to be an ambassador in the fight against this pathology. We only continue his will since he is no longer there alas“, explains his dad modestly.

Grégory Lemarchal in concert in Martigues with the Star Academy.Photo archives Serge Guéroult

In 15 years, a long way has been covered. “We invest a lot in research, that’s the most important thing. Progress has been made in patient care. It is a real milestone that has been passed on this point in the fight against cystic fibrosiscongratulates Pierre Lemarchal. Certainly, there is not yet healing. But we can hope, when we look at all this journey made, that in 10 maybe, 15 years, one day we can live with this disease. That we would no longer die of cystic fibrosis because we will have found this treatment that allows us to live with it in a normal way.”

Programming on TF1 all weekend

A tireless work articulated around several events that improve the daily lives of patients. “With other associations, such as ‘Vaincre la muco’, we have made progress together to offer the best possible quality of life to patients. We are on a good wayemphasizes Pierre Lemarchal. There are now systematic tests from birth (Gutri test) which now make it possible to quickly detect the pathology to treat the baby without delay. It saves the minimum amount of time“.

Grégory Lemarchal’s image, his popularity, have enabled the association to raise the awareness of as many people as possible about this disease. This weekend, for example, TF1 and TMC are disrupting a few programs to launch an appeal for donations. “We have always had the support of the channel (Grégory Lemarchal was revealed in Star Academy, artistic program of TF1, Ed). Speaking of the artist, we are talking about the association“, recognizes Pierre. Because an association today, engaged in this kind of fight, exists only by the generosity of each other.

“Why I live” retraces the life of Grégory Lemarchal, from the announcement of the disease until his disappearance.Photo DR

This morning, Jean-Luc Reichmann’s program “Les 12 coups de midi” on TF1 – and its approximately 3.5 million viewers on average – will offer a focus on the artist. A little later, in “50 minutes inside” presented by Nikos Aliagas, his friend and former presenter of Star Ac’, a report will be devoted entirely to the association. At the end of the evening, after “The Voice”, the mythical concert of Grégory Lemarchal at the Olympia in 2006 is proposed. Without forgetting the rebroadcast tomorrow on TMC of “Why I live”, a film which traces the career of Grégory Lemarchal. A film of which Pierre, the father, is very proud. “We set our conditions because it was complicated to see someone interpret our son (Mickaël Lumière, amazing in the role Editor’s note). When we saw the casting, we were very satisfied. We didn’t want to be wrong about cystic fibrosis. The important thing was to share our experience with affected families and send the right messages. We have seen too many films that evoke pathologies and where they were wrong, dealt with the disease in a cookie-cutter“.

In addition to this programming dedicated to the 15 years of his disappearance, a spot for the call for donations will be broadcast today and tomorrow to call for solidarity.

To make a donation, don.association-gregorylemarchal.org/default or via SMS by sending Greg5 (for €5) or Greg10 (for €10) to 92777. And by post to the address: AGL – BP 90124 73001 Chambéry Cedex

An open “Maison Grégory Lemarchal”, fruit of the association

The Grégory Lemarchal house is the first structure of this type.
The Grégory Lemarchal house is the first structure of this type.Photo DR

As Pierre Lemarchal points out, the will of the association is summed up in the desire to offer a better life to patients. Today, it is materialized by the opening of a first “Maison Grégory Lemarchal” in the Paris region. Adult patients with cystic fibrosis, living with a lung transplant or undergoing treatment, are accompanied by a panel of specialists. Well-being, sport, coaching but also an attentive ear, everything is there to facilitate professional reintegration, relational rehabilitation and even bodily reappropriation for patients.

This is not a medical place“, we underline within the association. “It is a place that allows you to take care of yourself, a place of resources, exchanges, sharing and a springboard to project yourself into a more serene future.”.

A first that could follow other structures of this type. “This is a unique project in Francewe welcome within the association. We have been dreaming of this together for a long time. It is born today thanks to donors, partners, volunteers and doctors who have always supported us.

Information: and [email protected] – Maison Grégory Lemarchal, 12 Avenue du President Georges Pompidou – 92500 Rueil-Malmaison

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