parents reveal the nightmare experienced by their 3-year-old daughter.

Shocked parents tell of the hell they went through after eating Buitoni pizza. 50 cases are listed on April 6, 48 children and 2 adults. And two children lost their lives.

48 children and 2 adults are among the victims of Buitoni pizza poisoning. While two children have already lost their lives, several parents of children who almost died testify. The victims will soon file a joint complaint against Buitoni.

Their testimonies will therefore be increasingly visible in the media. People Act Magazine was able to hear three of them. One was reported in a video by Le Télégramme magazine and the others in the columns of Le Figaro and Le Point magazines. The Buitoni affair has not finished making the French tremble.

The Buitoni case claimed around fifty victims, including two deaths.

For the moment, these are the figures that are put forward in the media. Indeed, these figures could be revised upwards over time. But above all, behind these figures, however very worrying, it is human lives that are at stake. Lives of families, parents and children in critical condition.

The first testimonies on the Buitoni case are likely to be talked about on the Web. Because, even if they look alike, they all reflect the powerlessness of parents in the face of their children’s descent into hell. From the trauma of the heavy interventions they have to undergo to try to stay alive. Of an incomprehensible catastrophe that results from the consumption of a Buitoni pizza.

The Pizza Buitoni Affair

In the columns of the newspaper Le Point, it is the parents of little Augustine who testify. Augustine is only three and a half years old and she ate a slice of Buitoni pizza, not knowing that it could have cost her her life. Parents are shocked and angry at the brand and the failure of health checks.

Especially since, even if Augustine is still alive, she will suffer the consequences of this tragic episode until the end of her days. Our daughter could have died, she will be marked for life! All because of a pizza, said the parents of the little girl at the Point. Because, like most of the victims of the Buitoni affair, Augustine suffers from hemolytic and uremic syndrome (HUS).

Then, in the columns of the newspaper Le Figaro, another testimony makes the French tremble. People Act Magazine will agree that these are probably the first of a long series.

Stories that shook the whole of France

In the columns of the newspaper Le Figaro, it is the parents of Léna who speak. They are determined to make their voices heard on the Buitoni affair. Especially since their 12-year-old daughter lost hers to E.Coli bacteria. She was near death.

She is now locked in her body, explain Cédric and Sophie, Léna’s parents. But she no longer speaks, no longer hears, no longer sees and no longer walks. She is in a vegetative state, they added, still in the columns of the newspaper Le Figaro.

Finally, it is the testimony of the father of Sacha, 4 and a half years old, in a video for the media Le Télégramme which offers a new point of view on the horror of the Buitoni affair.

He, too, saw his daughter’s life played out in a coin toss.

He saw the doctors tell him that the health checks were very bad and that he had to start heavy procedures. Procedures that her daughter might not be able to endure.


Suffering from kidney failure due to the E.Coli bacteria, Sacha will undergo a heavy operation to have a dialysis catheter inserted. The little girl and her parents panic. But his kidneys no longer work. Not to intervene is to condemn it.

Fortunately for Sacha and her parents, she not only endures the operation, but also the dialysis. A stroke of luck in this avalanche of misfortunes, People Act Magazine grants it to you. The parents will come together and file a complaint to obtain justice for their children.

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