Patrick Sébastien supports Delphine Wespiser

Since he was fired from France Télévisions after 23 years of good and loyal service, Patrick Sébastien has continued his career as an entertainer, far from the lights of television studios, but always on stage. However, the former host of the “Greatest cabaret in the world” always has an eye on what is happening on television. This Monday, May 2, the host was the guest of Cyril Hanouna in “Touche pas à mon poste”.

Known to be without language of wood, the interpreter of “Sardines” answered the various questions of the chroniclers. “What did you think of the last presidential campaign?“, for example, questioned Géraldine Maillet. “I’ll tell you the truth, I voted blank. In line with the white man over 50 (laughs). In my book, I do a whole chapter on it. Recently, I made a video with Fabien Roussel, I like this guy. He intends to create a movement that will be called ‘people first’. That pleases me because I think that’s what’s missing the most. Afterwards, I found that much at times pitiful, predictable. There are people who shit because they can’t make ends meet. There is a kind of discouragement. (…) I like Macron, he was like a lot reluctantly but he is strong, he holds the road”, he argued.

As an avid viewer of TPMP, Patrick Sébastien then split with a little rant. The one who started his career as an imitator was annoyed by the media whirlwind that happened around Delphine Wespiser, after the former Miss France declared her intention to vote Marine Le Pen in the recent presidential election 2022. this support for the frontist candidate, the former beauty queen had been strongly criticized, like Matthieu Delormeau who had estimated that it would not have been abnormal for her to be ousted from “Fort Boyard”.

There are things that shocked me here, for example, when you attacked the little girl, Delphine (Wespiser, Editor’s note). That we can’t say… That we spit on a guy who is on the extreme right and that the extreme left… That shocked me. The little one, she has balls. I sent you a message from elsewhere: I told you if she shows up, I will vote for her”, he blurted out. A support that should not fail to please the main interested party.



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