Pidè or the temple of the amazing Turkish pizza in the rue des Petites-Écuries

They are round, with a thin dough and sometimes with puffed edges: Parisian pizzas, although of different varieties, are more or less relatively similar. It was without counting on the extraordinary concept of Pidè, the first representative of Turkish pizza in Paris. Garnished with delicious Anatolian local products, this pizza in the shape of a “boat” rightly arouses the curiosity of all the gourmets of the capital. We tell you all about this amazing restaurant on rue des Petites-Écuries.

The temple of Turkish pizza is in the 10th

Once the door of the shop is pushed, it only takes a glance to realize that we are not in a restaurant like the others. Psyche-rock music, album covers and film posters from the 70s are there to compose the superb decor of the establishment, and above all pay a fine tribute to all of Turkish culture. After scrutinizing the walls, listening curiously to the playlist and inhaling the sweet smells emanating from the kitchen, it’s time to conclude this sensory journey with the most important thing… Taste!

On the menu, Pidè gives pride of place to Anatolian cuisine with “authentic recipes but also home-made recipes designed to vary the pleasure of pairings. In this sense, the Sucuk, Pastirma and Kus-kas, recipes based on kasar cheese, respectively with sausage, dried beef and minced lamb, will transport you directly to Istanbul. For a bit of madness and delicacies, count on the signatures of the chef, recipes that sublimate the dishes mentioned above with eggplant caviar, feta or eggs. Finally, the menu includes 4 vegetarian options that have absolutely nothing to envy to the other recipes. And to conclude this culinary journey in Turkey, we will be seduced by the grandiose tiramisu revisited with pistachios.

So head to the bustling rue des Petites-Écuries to discover this unusual and delicious dish!

Pidè – 10, rue des Petites-Écuries, 75010

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