Pierre-Jean Chalençon on the street and ruined? He reveals everything in TPMP

Pierre-Jean Chalençon, the greatest collector of Napoleon and former collector of Affaire Conclue, ruined and homeless. The details…

This Thursday, April 28, 2022, Matthieu Delormeau was at the controls of a special bonus from TPMP People. Pierre-Jean Chalençon was one of the guests of the show. This has often sparked controversy. Did the bad buzz and rumors have financial consequences on his lifestyle? Indeed, it can ruin a career. Is this the case for him?

Pierre-Jean Chalençon, an atypical character!

Pierre-Jean Chalençon is a truly atypical character.

This free electron never cares about the opinion of others. It looks like he always does what he wants when he wants.

A few months ago, he created a real controversy. In fact, we were only talking about him.

While the world was in the midst of a health crisis and the population was confined, he broke the rule.

Indeed, the former buyer of the show Affaire concluded was accused of having organized clandestine parties in his Palais Vivienne. A period when the Covid-19 virus was still spreading a lot. Thus, the police had searched the home of the history buff.

The collector had been placed in police custody by the gendarmes on April 9, 2021 for the following two reasons: “endangering the lives of others” and “suspicion of concealed work”. Another proof that shows that the law does not seem to have any influence on Pierre-Jean Chalençon!

A very difficult time

This affair had greatly affected the Napoleon lover. A month after this story, he was on Cyril Hanouna’s show. Pierre-Jean Chalençon had confided in this subject.

“It was traumatic (…) we are not doing anything wrong, we are trying to get out of it (…) a moment ago, I said to myself: “I am going to shoot myself” “, he had confessed with emotion on the set of TPMP. Today, this story is definitely closed and behind him. The virus is no longer raging and the passage of the vaccine is, for the moment, stopped…. He can organize all the parties he wants and party as much as he wants!

Is Pierre-Jean Chalençon ruined?

This Thursday, April 28, 2022, Matthieu Delormeau had planned a part on fallen personalities in his show TPMP People. Tex was present on the set and returned to his dismissal. Indeed, he disappeared from the screens following a joke that did not pass…. And it’s not easy to go from shadow to light.

Then, it is the turn of Pierre-Jean Chalençon to tell his experience on his repeated bad-buzz. The former star of France 2 does not let down. Indeed, he always has positions that go against the majority of people and he will always surprise, that’s obvious. Check out one of his passages below.

Pierre-Jean Chalençon has a great future ahead of him

Does Pierre-Jean Chalençon purposely create controversy to be noticed and to be talked about? Some think he is wasting his career because he is very cultured and has many talents in different fields. Its great success is due to its atypical character and its unfiltered side.

Pierre-Jean Chalencon

Besides, he was loved for that and that’s what also generated his loss a little. At one point in the show, he is asked if the Palais Vivienne is for sale, Pierre-Jean Chalençon responds sharply. ” Not at all ” . He also adds: “If I am ruined, everyone has no more money”. The former collaborator of Caroline Margeridon explains that the Palais Vivienne “works very well”. Fortunately, people love history and he is the number one expert on Napoleon. It is therefore not likely to disappear anytime soon.

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