Pierre Palmade, Line Renaud, La Grande Sophie, Jean Castex… They pay tribute to Queen Régine

“The night is an orphan”, “I love you forever”, We have crossed the century by your side“… Artists and politicians greeted the queen of the night, who died this Sunday 1er May, at age 92.

The singer and actress Régine, ambassador of the Parisian night in the world who popularized the discotheque in France, died Sunday at the age of 92. An icon of the 1960s, she owned many nightclubs that bore her first name all over the world, starting with the mythical “Chez Régine” near the Champs-Élysées, which quickly became the meeting place for all of Paris and the jet. -set. His disappearance aroused great emotion among those who knew him.

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Deeply moved, comedian Pierre Palmade, a close friend of Régine for many years, expressed his pain on Instagram: “I was in your little papers and I’m proud of it, you took me as I was without judging me. And that, I’m going to miss, someone who loves me without judging me (…) I love you for all my life Régine, Your Pierre“, he wrote in particular in a long and poignant message.

In a press release written at the request of the family, the comedian evokes his sensational career: “The queen of the night is leaving: closure due to long and great career“. “Left with her disco ball and her warm and reassuring banter“, she “had danced for more than 30 years in its nightclubs the stars of the whole world“, Continues this text sent to AFP.

The Night is an orphan, she lost her Queen“, tweeted the singer Line Renaud, while the singer and English DJ Boy George, member of the group Culture Club, greeted “the legendary French diva“.

The performer of the song BraveryLa Grande Sophie, shared the intense memory of her meeting with the queen of the night, remembering a great artist and a woman with an amazing character: “I had the impression that nothing impressed her (…) I was happy to meet her, a sacred temperament that had seen all of Paris parade in her place (…) Thank you Régine for this moment except that I will remember.»

Politicians are not left out. “Six letters on a neon, a voice, a few musical notes hummed on everyone’s lips and then the night: so was Régine“tweeted Prime Minister Jean Castex.

We have crossed the century by your side, your sorrows and your joys merging with ours“said the Minister of Culture, Roselyne Bachelot, while the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, saluted the memory of “the queen of our sleepless nights” who has “makes his city vibrate like no one else“.


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