Pizza Cozy has signed a partnership with Fastandfood for its latest pizza

After collaborating with Top Chef candidates, Best Pastry Chef candidates and even Jason Chicandier, in order to maintain the desirability of its brand, the pizzeria brand Pizza Cozy recently signed a partnership with the influencer Fastandfood to design his last pizza on the market.


The start-up that dusts off the Pizza market

The only Fast-Good pizzeria concept in France

An innovative pizzeria brand in perpetual motion

Renewal and innovation are the DNA of the Pizza Cozy pizzeria brand. The menu is thus renewed every year and the brand unveils a new recipe every two weeks. To do this, it regularly signs partnerships with influential personalities. And this, both to bring new blood to its menu but also to benefit from the scope of a co-branding campaign.

At the beginning of autumn, it is therefore with the digital media Fastandfood that the brand has established a partnership. With nearly 50,000 subscribers on Instagram and more than 83,000 on Tik Tok, Fastandfood is a real influencer and talent spotter in French street food.

With the brand’s pizza chef, the manager of Fastandgood has designed a resolutely gourmet pizza dedicated to melted cheese lovers since it combines mozzarella, Auvergne blue cheese, goat’s cheese log, AOP raw milk raclette, milk reblochon cru PDO, Grana Padano PDO and heart of creamy burrata. To sweeten the whole and enhance the rich flavors of these exceptional cheeses, the pizza also incorporates fig jam. A pizza available until November 7th which was a great success.

And you? Do you want to open a pizzeria with a young and dynamic brand invested in setting up effective partnerships that boost brand awareness and pizzeria sales? Go to the Pizza Cozy franchise sheet to find out more.

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