Pizza Week 2022: 5 mouth-watering pizzas

Just like the Poutine Week, Pizza Week takes place simultaneously in several pizzerias across Canada and is an opportunity for foodies across the country to discover or rediscover the best pizzas in their neighborhood. In Montreal and Quebec, some sixty establishments take part in these two weeks of Italian culinary creations. There really is something for everyone: vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, carnivorous…

To make your mouth water, here are 5 pizzas from the list of 57 participating addresses that caught our attention.

Slice + Soda offers a savory pizza packed with flavors from Mexico, but with the star ingredient, ground beef, replaced with plant-based ground. To discover in one of the 5 Slice + Soda addresses in Montreal, from May 1 to 14.

Photo credit: Slice + Soda

The famous Pizzéria NO.900 offers a tasty pizza with ancestral tomato sauce, Re fiascone Fior di latte “Forbita”, Bufala Grana padano, Organic Basil and extra virgin Peranzana oil.

Pizza Week 2022: 10 mouth-watering pizzas

Photo credit: Pizzeria NO.900

3. Pizza bianco, BEVO BAR + PIZZERIA

Take advantage of Pizza Week to discover the Bevo! The restaurant offers authentic wood-oven pizza with chicken, pesto, provolone cheese and baby kale.

Pizza Week 2022: 10 mouth-watering pizzas

It’s a white pizza with zucchini, “Forbita” fior di latte, ricotta, St. Laurent fleur de sel, and lemon zest. To discover at Morso Pizzeria.

Pizza Week 2022: 10 mouth-watering pizzas

Photo credit: BEVO BAR + PIZZERIA

5. Smoked meat, Pizzeria Montreal New York

Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, smoked meats, slices of pickles, homemade mustard: here is a pizza for meat lovers to discover during pizza week.

Pizza Week 2022: 10 mouth-watering pizzas

Photo credit: Pizzeria Montreal New York

Here are the 57 restaurants participating in Pizza Week 2022 in Quebec:




Visit the Pizza Week website to find out about all the pizzas from participating restaurants!

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